19 Dec

How can I help with research on dementia?


There are many ways to help with research on Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s Association of the United States and the Alzheimer Society of Canada are two examples of fine national organizations that are well setup to receive research donations. One advantage of donating money to these associations is that it is well accounted for and it is only distributed to projects that are judged by other scientists to be worthy of research. Sometimes however, people prefer to give closer to home and it is likely that if you live in an area with a medical school there will be someone there doing research on Alzheimer’s disease. Often tax-receiptable donations can be made to the donation’s office of the university; for example, the Geriatric Medicine Research Unit (www.cdha.nshealth.ca) is also very keen on donations.

Another way to help is to be a volunteer for studies. Most clinical research centers are glad to hear from people with Alzheimer’s disease, or from people over the age 65 who do not have any impairment cognition. Alzheimer’s disease is often studied in animals, but many studies can only be done in humans.